Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm a little late to the party...

I am FINALLY posting a few pics from Rylee's first day of school... I think I'm still in denial. I can't believe how fast this day has come along, and how excited my baby is to be, in her words, "getting so grown up, Mom. I'm barely a kid anymore!"

The good news is she LOVES Kindergarten... when we picked her up after her big first day and asked how it went, she said, "A-MA-ZING!" Let's hope she can keep that enthusiasm!

Rylee's first day 16-2 web ready
new outfit - she picked it out herself

web collage 1
new backpack (the reason she chose the outfit) and sparkly new shoes

Rylee's first day 12-web ready
ready to go

Rylee's first day 1 - web ready

Rylee's first day 11-web ready
teacher love - her name is Ms. Lovell and she is the reason we put Roo on D track

Rylee's first day 3-web ready

web collage
celebrating a successful first day with a little sugar love (we are still working with Kam on the swallowing before opening your mouth bit)

and one more -
this seriously seems like yesterday - nobody blink!

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Tamina said...

Wow!!! She is so cute and yet SO much attitude! I'm glad that the big day was A-MA-ZING! :) They really do grow up WAY to fast!